Get Your Weight Up

Written by: Olori Swank

In the traditional sense, if someone told you to ‘get your weight up’, it would be in an attempt to flex or stunt on the individual it was said to. In this instance, “Get Your Weight Up” is spoken in an endearing attempt to encourage you to level up emotionally, spiritually, financially, and WHOLY. Just like you would need to work out in the gym in order to build and maintain your physical muscles, you will also need to work out, practice, and be consistent in other areas of your life to see growth there. When’s the last time you did something for the first time? Have you always wanted to be _________? What’s holding you back? Are you really going to wait until January 1 to get started on your goals of self improvement? …Everyone else is going to preach to you to be humble, I am going to scream at you to BE GREAT. (cont...)

(cont...) We mustn’t allow fear of failure or rejection to deter us from living our best life. We all face moments where we feel defeated but it’s in those moments that our strength is refined and our true character is built. Champions are made in these defining moments. So pick yourself up and keep pushing! It’s easy to look at the highlight reels of those around us (à la social media) and talk ourselves out of doing the work to get better in any area of life, but you must fight to keep these lack-mentality thoughts from prevailing. “It could never happen for me,” “I’m not young enough,” “I’m not pretty enough,” and any other lies you may tell yourself to stay stagnant should be eradicated from your mental immediately.

As you shop this look book, I need you to imagine what it would look like to live your best life. Then I want you to write down every single step it would take you to achieve those dreams. …and then I want you to go to work on that list. GET YOUR WEIGHT UP! 



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